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I deliver one 2 one and team coaching for individuals and organisations. 

Coaching for teams

and organisations

For all coaching within companies, I contract for bespoke coaching packages and fees.

To make an inquiry and arrange a free consultation click the link below.

Pay as you go 

For individuals

1 x 60 minutes


£75 - 100 / session

Arrange the next

appointment at the end of each session.

Free 30 minute consultation



3 months of coaching 

For individuals

6 x 60 minutes

2 x 15 minute check-in calls

£570 / package 


Free 30 minute consultation


My aim is to provide a service that's as inclusive as possible. If money is a barrier to working with me then I am open to adjusting my fee to suit your needs.

Where and for how long?

Typically one-2-one coaching sessions last 60 minutes and are held over a video call, on the phone, or where possible in-person. The duration and frequency of the sessions can be tailored to suit your needs. 

For organizations and team coaching, the frequency and duration of the sessions are arranged to the requirements of the client.

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