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At some point, we may face challenges in our lives and in our work. My experience and the Research tells us that coaching can make a significant and lasting difference.

About me 


My core training is in developmental coaching and I have been coaching since 2017. I hold Senior Practitioner Accreditation with the EMCC and have received a Distinction at Master's level in Coaching and Mentoring from the University of Oxford Brooks in 2021. I have presented at the International Coaching and Mentoring Conference and recently my research has been published in the leading practitioner journal, Coaching at Work and the International Journal of Evidence-Based Coaching and Mentoring. But most importantly, what makes me a good coach is my enthusiasm and joy for working with people.

Everyone with whom I work can expect a warm and inclusive space to facilitate the change they would like to see. I take a client-led approach to coaching and create a reflective environment that aids clients to find clarity around their concerns, create solutions, and achieve their aspirations. The feedback I receive from those I coach is that they develop their capacity for reflexivity, have a greater sense of self-efficacy, direction, they are able to get to where they would like to be, and even over time they find themselves able to self coach. 


How I work

 Who do I coach?

Currently I coach leaders and middle managers. I work as an associate coach for PrimeCoach, coaching professionals from broad range of sectors, for instance the data analysis sector or in lab technology. 


I also work with private clients who come from all different walks of life and find coaching helpful to overcome the challenges they are facing.


Recently I have also been delivering team coaching within organisations, facilitating a space for them think more creatively and find their own solutions.

What topics can you take to coaching?

Clients often come to coaching to; Make meaning of their situation,

Find space to express themselves Have a place to think imaginatively of the future - Discover and expand a part of themselves that they would like to develop. Clients also seek coaching because they; Feel stuck or stagnating – Feel like they are underperforming - Feel trapped in unhelpful patterns of thoughts and behaviours -  Need a sense of direction regarding career perspective - Suffer from low self-esteem - imposter syndrome - or lack of confidence - Have a need to be  understood. 

Each person is unique and brings their own story. I am open and curious to hear whatever you'd like to bring. 


"Dorian had been incredibly empathic and intuitive throughout the coaching process, meeting all of us where we all where and helping us see the path ahead more clearly. His approach was new and innovative. "


team coaching client 

"The coaching with Dorian was semi-structured and felt accommodating to the needs of the team. Dorian knows how to follow the flow and make everyone feel at ease. The coaching was inspirational, and it set the tone for more processes and activities to come. I hope we can find a way to stay connected and for the team to learn more from Dorian in the future."


team coaching client 

"Dorian is a truly gifted coach: over several months he created a space that was safe, creative and open, which allowed me to confidently explore different personal and professional paths I had been struggling to consider on my own. He helped me to visualise and articulate how I might move towards certain aspirations, and gave me the space to understand how it could feel if I achieved them. Toward our final sessions, I began taking concrete steps to try and make these imaginings a reality. I am finally in the career I always wanted, with a work-family life balance I cherish deeply, and Dorian’s gentle, careful and powerful coaching helped me get here."


one 2 one client

"In each session, Dorian held the exact space that was needed. He knew just where to meet me to facilitate the growth and direction I was heading in. The reflective tools I have developed and connected with in our sessions have carried forward and been of great value. I couldn't recommend him highly enough. "           


one 2 one client 

"Dorian helped me by providing a space for me to inquisitively explore my recent experiences and reflect on them before vocalising my true intentions of how I wanted to act going forward. He asked the right questions at the right time. The coaching was immensely valuable." 


one to one coaching client

"Dorian felt like a member of the team, and this is a reflection of his ability to make everyone relaxed and feel safe and comfortable in the space "


team coaching client

"Dorian was a patient and generous facilitator, who knew when to give space for conversation and, conversely, when to guide or push us a little further. The approach of not being overly directional really helped and enabled each person in the team to chat and share freely. I felt that a non-judgemental and safe space was created, even when I was being helped out of my usual comfort zone. From the sessions with Dorian, I feel really positive that the change we wish to make as an organisation is possible and feel that the tools and direction is a lot clearer now than I felt before the coaching."


team coaching client 

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